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TAKE 5 Life Groups
Merging Local Church Small Groups with Personal Evangelism
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Small home groups + relationships + ministry = church growth
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December 7, 2012
The State
of the Church
Welcome to
Take Five Life Groups
and Laity Alive
Thank you for being a part of what may be the most exciting ministry adventure you have ever encountered. Take Five Life Groups is a simple plan to merge local church small groups with personal evangelism. We offer a simple equation:
This is a great web site with all of the exciting materials for
Take Five, ideas and suggestions for ministry,
free bible studies and interesting evangelism articles.
This web site encompasses the very heart of God -
reaching the lost.
Leonard C. Albert
Share the Gospel in Three Stories
November 9, 2012
Take 5
Goes to the Caribbean
October 26, 2012
Take 5 materials
now available
January 7, 2013
Connecting with the
Lost Through Relationships
February 8, 2013
Launching the
First Small Group
April 30, 2013
Take 5 now in Spanish
May 21, 2013
Reaching the
'Church Detatched'
June 13, 2013
May 11, 2014
" Sharing The Gospel
with a Friend"
March 3, 2016
Remember Stephen?
I’m A Scared Layman!